Objective #2 - FormAZIONE
Objective #2: To pursue this objective, the project distributed IT Kits (PC, Tablet and Wifi-Kits) to selected students. ICT kits have been integrated as inputs in a broader digital-based competences acquisition system that has been further enhanced with the purchase and dissemination of software licences and digitalization of teaching resources.
Attempt was made to give new boost to educational digitization through the use of innovative tools and methodologies and learned center.

The project aims at supporting vulnerable students who suffered a suspension of the TVET courses.

Target achieved:

Salesians and the United States
a gift of 550 IT Kits (PCs, Tablet and Wi-Fi Kits)
to professional schools

November 18, 7.30 pm

IT Kits distribution, Cisternino

IT Kits distribution, Rome

IT Kits distribution, Rome

IT Kits distribution, Rome

IT Kits distribution, Torino

IT Kits distribution, Rome

IT Kits distribution, Torre Annunziata

IT Kits distribution, Rome

It Kits Distribution

183 licenses for technical software (software for graphics and communication, multi-asset repository, etc.) e-simulators (CAD-CAM and virtual machine, robot-guide, etc.) and e-platform (engineering, building e-platform, etc.) have been purchased and distributed to CNOS-FAP TVET centers

Distributed in CNOS FAP TVET schools
Here the TVET Sectors

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