Objective #3 - #noicis(t)iamo
Objective #3: To meet the basic household needs (PPE and food baskets) and mental health support of refugees, migrants, impoverished families, and the elderly through the #noicis(t)iamo campaign.

The aim of distributing PPE items is to ensure a safe sustainable environment to minors, social workers and volunteers for at least for 3 months per each minor center selected.

The project addressed food insecurity of 380 poverty stricken families

Representing 1,317 individuals from 37 Italian cities - with an average of 50% females and 47% minors - who faced an increased level of poverty due to the epidemic outbreak.

Through the distribution of prepaid-card, families have been able to buy more fresh food, improving the satisfaction of the family’s dietary needs.
Finally, but not less important, while all the other aids were a fixed content package, requiring a member of the family physical presence, by the prepaid card beneficiaries have been able to choose, regaining some dignity and responsibility.

Despite the global pandemic, we were able to reach out and take care of migrants and thus provide relief to the disadvantaged and assist the most vulnerable persons.


Indeed, 88 vulnerable persons received psychological support of which 62% Females and 62% refugees/migrants (mainly Sahel and Horn of Africa countries) while 10 migrants and/or refugees got access to temporary reception center for migrants and refugees in Catania.

The foster-home has offered shared meals and oriented guests by responding to a globally widespread unease about the effects of COVID-19: fear, sense of loneliness and abandonment.

Cinzia Vella Head of the Colonia Don Bosco emphasizes that this is "a project in line with the needs of our time, that responds to the current crisis, which is not only a health emergency, but it also concerns what follows: the loss of work and the lack of means of subsistence for the most vulnerable people; this is a situation that could degenerate into involvement in the criminal underworld. This project of temporary accommodation and shelter in a safe place also prevents these possible forms of social distress”.

Don Bosco Report

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